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Talent Management 2019
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Talent Management Magazine Summer 2024
In this issue, HR professionals and senior management from various well-known companies across a wide range of industries share their successful initiatives and unique insights on learning and development in talent engagement. All of them are awardees of The Employer of Choice Award 2023, organized by JobMarket, as prestigious acknowledgement of their outstanding employee development strategies and practices, setting important milestones for the entire HR industry.

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HR Trend
Towngas: 9-Time Employer of Choice for
Pleasant, Inclusive Workplace
31 May 2024

The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) has been recognised as an “Employer of Choice” for nine consecutive years, along with two new accolades: the “Employee Communication Award” and “Workplace Happiness Award”. These awards highlight Towngas’ efforts to foster an inclusive and caring corporate culture.

Ms. Bonny Tam, General Manager of Human Resources, expressed her delight in the company’s recognition, stating, “Towngas encourages employees to practise ‘Positive Communication’ internally and externally by showing honesty and respect to colleagues and being a good listener with courtesy to customers to create a positive and harmonious workplace.” This culture makes each employee feel respected and aspired to excel in their strengths.

Towngas believes communication is the cornerstone for maintaining a harmonious and high-performing workplace. The company provides multiple two-way communication channels, not only ensuring that the management listens to employees’ voices but also incorporating “Positive Communication” as one of the corporate core values.

Diversified Initiatives to Achieve Work-Life Balance for Employees
To help employees maintain work-life balance while pursuing their career aspirations, Towngas has devised various benefits and activities. The company has a multi-purpose leisure space named “Dream Zone” on the headquarters premises, offering amenities such as table tennis, fitness equipment, game consoles, and a library. Additionally, the company has set up a “BUNFUN” team, supported by the Group Human Resources Department, which organises regular activities focusing on physical and mental wellness, financial health, and social engagement.

Building a sustainable dynamic team has always been the goal of Towngas. Leveraging the synergy of its diversified businesses, the company advocates a competence-based and fair employee acquisition principle to hire a range of different talents capable of excelling in various roles across different sectors. In 2023, Towngas organised the “Towngas Inclusion Day”, a special event featuring a series of interactive activities to provide colleagues with opportunities to experience the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, fostering empathy and contributing to the creation of a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Besides diversity and inclusion culture, Towngas also emphasises employee training and development. The company jointly launched the “NewGen Cross-Company Talent Programme” with other enterprises to nurture leaders of the new generation. Furthermore, Towngas introduced the Group Management Trainee Programme and Managerial Staff Training Programme to expand its talent reserve.

Building a Sense of Belonging from the Start of Employment
Developing a sense of belonging within an organisation is an indispensable element in strengthening employee cohesion and engagement. From the moment they join the company, Towngas provides orientation programmes for new employees to make them feel like they are a part of the company. Mr. Zando Lam, Assistant Human Resources Manager, who joined Towngas six years ago, recalled his experience participating in the orientation programme. During the programme, he not only learned about the company’s corporate culture, values and history, but also had the opportunity to visit Towngas’ gas production facility in Tai Po, which is inaccessible to the public. “The Tai Po Plant plays a vital role in supplying gas to the entire Hong Kong. I am proud to be one of the members of the company,” Zando shared. The company also organises various interest groups for employees to pick and join, providing a platform for like-minded employees to get together and share experiences.

Towngas holds the Outstanding Employees Award every year to honour individuals who have made remarkable contributions. Zando shared with a smile, “I was honoured to be nominated to be an Outstanding Employee in 2023, and was awarded the Gold Award, which was a recognition of the efforts I have made.” The company also supports departments in organising regular appreciation wall activities, encouraging colleagues to express gratitude and appreciation to one another.

Demonstrate Two-way Communication Mindset
Towngas adopts a “Two-way Communication” mindset to enable employees to fully understand and actively participate in company initiatives. A significant step in this direction is the establishment of the Strategy Ambassador Club, which bridges communication between the management team and employees. Ms. Elaine Kwok, Senior Business Innovation Manager and one of the Vice-chairpersons of the Club, pointed out, “The Club comprises over 80 ambassadors from more than 30 departments or business entities. The Club organises a variety of activities, ranging from employee town halls, 60-minute business seminars, and site visits, to gather colleagues’ opinions, reflect them to the management team, and promote the latest company business strategies and updates.”

The company hosts large-scale sharing sessions every year to facilitate interactive exchanges between the management team and colleagues, fostering transparent communication. Elaine also takes part in the “ECM Shadowing Programme”, which allows her to participate in regular meetings with the Executive Committee Members of the company to deliver presentations on specific topics and share her perspectives, gaining a deeper understanding of how management makes and executes decisions.

Towngas respects employees’ opinions and encourages colleagues to think out of the box. The company has set up an “Innovation Fund” to incentivise colleagues to come up with new ideas to advance the company’s business further. Elaine shared, “I have participated in the development of Smart Meters, which have been launched in the market, and I have received $100,000 from the Fund as a reward.” Through the Fund, 32 innovative projects have been subsidised, demonstrating Towngas’ commitment to investing resources in talent development and recognising the value of nurturing and empowering its employees.
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