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Talent Management 2008
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Talent Management Magazine Summer 2018
In this issue, HR professionals and senior management from various well-known companies across a wide range of industries share their successful initiatives and unique experiences in talent engagement. Most of them are participants of the Greater China Talent Management Summit 2018, organized by A-Performers, as prestigious acknowledgement of their outstanding employee development strategies and practices, setting important milestones for the entire HR industry.

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HR Trend
Youthful and Energetic Team Seeking Pleasure in Work

15 Nov 2018

Established 3 years ago, Hong Kong Aviation Ground Services Limited is youthful and energetic, with a growing number of employees, and an average age of 25. Ms. Mandy Chan Lai Man, General Manager, said the management must think advance and view from a younger generation perspective. ˇ§We care for employees' opinion and make continuous improvements, so that we can grow together." She emphasizes the importance of a pleasant working environment. When employees understand the notion, they will be devoted to provide best-quality services.

During the 3 years period, HAGSL has expanded from 200 to over 650 employees in 2017, offering exclusive check-in and airport VIP lounge services.

Ms. Ma Wing Shan, Head of General Affairs Department, said HAGSL is quickly expanding with great demands for talents. "The third runway will soon be constructed. The airport working population will progressively grow from 80,000 to 120,000. Combined with a low unemployment rate, youngsters have many job opportunities. Therefore, we face challenges in recruiting new employees. "To enhance our brand image, HAGSL invites frontline employees for conducting school visits, enabling students to have thorough understanding to the duties of the ground staff. Students may opt to pick aviation as their core course for study. Mandy added, "We would like to let them understand what job duties ground staff are performing, alongside fl ight attendants. Thus, the entry requirement is comparably competitive within the market."

HAGSL's employees are energetic and its composition are mainly fresh graduates, with an average age of 25. Many of them have just completed their DSE or tertiary education. "The management aimed to stand and view from the youngsters' perspective. Incorporating more youth elements, HAGSL are dedicated to communicate with employees well. As young people are more creative, we use cartoons on internal communication like posters and newsletters to bring our people closer." Mandy stated that corporate shall move forward and should not stay on traditional method when conducting communication with the employees.

To cater for the youngsters' communication mode, Miss Ma said HAGSL allows job-seekers to submit application forms via WhatsApp. This offers our candidates with new interview experience such as video calls and quicker responses. On the other hand, the staff community like raising opinion regarding their career pathway. "We conduct monthly staff forum' for employees to exchange ideas. Thus, HAGSL makes continuous changes, reviews current policies and procedures from time to time and publishes through company e-newsletter. HR department revamp the job promotion system, with improved transparency, employees understand the criteria and the requirement of the job to assist them equipped with a clearer aspiration and goals."

"Some employees may think of the working hours is long and we have been working on to ease their working pressure throughout. We have introduced wifi service within emnployee lounges to make them to feel like at home. We also offered discounted fl ight tickets for them to encourage them to travel with their batch mates and colleagues." Mandy added that we arranged many activities for the employees, e.g. annual dinner, Christmas party, badminton competition and cocktail night.

Being a service provider, HAGSL emphasizes heavily on staff training. New employees will receive a 1-month training to enhance their job-related knowledge, skills and service awareness, in order to improve the overall service quality. HAGSL participated in many external service competitions. The growing number of awards received have proved HAGSL's employee's efforts.

Mandy said HAGSL had received many prizes in "Customer Services Excellence Programme Award Presentation Ceremony" presented by Hong Kong Airport Authority, confirming the employees' offering service from their heart. HAGSL also fulfils social corporate responsibilities. Our volunteer team engaged in monthly voluntary services, raising our brand image and enhancing their sense of belonging and service awareness.

Mandy believes that external awards and customers' compliments are equally important in motivating the employees. "Nowadays, youngsters are introverted and passive when it comes to delivering services. I encouraged them to communicate with customers, letting them feel delightful. Hence, they will serve our customers more wholeheartedly, instead mechanically."
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