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Talent Management 2019
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Talent Management Magazine Summer 2019
In this issue, HR professionals and senior management from various well-known companies across a wide range of industries share their successful initiatives and unique insights on learning and development in talent engagement. All of them are participants of the Greater China Talent Management Summit 2019, organized by A-Performers, as prestigious acknowledgement of their outstanding employee development strategies and practices, setting important milestones for the entire HR industry.
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Dedicated to Nurturing Leadership

22 Aug 2019

Mr. Eddie Kwok
Leadership is not something that can be nurtured overnight. During the past 20 years, BOC Life has been committing to the mission of maximising talent potential by means of comprehensive and diversified training programmes, including bolstering management and talent pools for managerial succession, as well as developing the overall leadership capabilities of staff members. In recognition of their efforts in this area, BOC Life has once again won the .Employer of Choice Award' for the fourth consecutive year, and earned for the first time the 'Excellent Leadership Development Award', which is a clear testament to their efforts and achievements in this area.

"Our training hall has been renamed the .Learning Lab' and is being refurbished with new facilities to serve as the incubator of our talent nurturing initiatives," says Eddie Kwok, Head of Learning and Development at BOC Life. "It helps reinforce our commitment to enhancing personal development and team management skills for our colleagues."

Kwok explains that BOC Life has held a wide range of brainstorming and themed training sessions to help their staff intensify corporate strategies, fine-tune their mindsets, and equip them with new knowledge and skills in order to respond to emerging market changes and challenges. "In keeping pace with our frontline and back office teams, we offer our colleagues the opportunity of cross-departmental internships, which helps facilitate more internal transfers and enhances closer departmental collaboration," says Kwok. "Eventually it will ensure seamless operations in our company while also allowing our employees to broaden their knowledge base and gain a greater understanding of entire work flows."

Encouraging Staff to Think Outside the Box

"Your attitude determines your altitude." At BOC Life, as Kwok says, the staff have to step out of their comfort zone and embrace new challenges. "Some of our middle and back office colleagues used to only handle documentation work," he explains. "Now they have to possess a stronger and more nuanced sense of business acumen, like frontline personnel, in order to serve clients or business associates directly following our establishment of more service centres." While emphasising that human resources are the most important assets of many enterprises like BOC Life, Kwok adds that they have provided sufficient training for their staff to help them adjust their ways of thinking and let them see this as a good opportunity to elevate their career to a higher level.

Focusing on leadership, innovation and regulatory compliance, BOC Life has a series of custom-made quarterly mini-courses and skill set training programmes that cover the areas of FinTech, InsurTech, virtual reality learning, mobile apps, as well as the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and more. Moreover, the Company has taken measures to strengthen their staff's overall understanding of Group's values: Responsibility, Integrity, Professionalism, Innovation, Prudence and Performance. "Focusing on clients' benefits, our colleagues should go one step further while also integrating their professional integrity and performance to maximise both their own personal and their teams' operational efficiencies in order to maintain our corporate edge in sustainable development."

Taking advantage of the implementation of the .Belt and Road' and .Greater Bay Area' national strategies, the mother company of BOC Life aims to make full use of all business development opportunities. While the Bank of China (Hong Kong) continues to evolve into a regional banking entity, BOC Life as well continues to offer more relevant training for their staff in order to move ahead.

Being a Family-friendly Employer by Undertaking Various Initiatives

For years, BOC Life has continued to optimise its management schemes, training development and staff benefits. As a result, it has been recognised as a .Caring Company' since 2010, and earned the .Good MPF Employer Award' from the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority since 2015. The latter award reflects the fact that the Company has made effective efforts to safeguard their employees' retirement by offering extra MPF contributions, in particular for veteran employees. "Moreover, we have received the .Family-friendly Employer Award' since 2015," adds Kwok. "It testifies our commitment in fostering family-friendly initiatives to help our colleagues better maintain their physical and mental health, as well as affect a better work-life balance." He goes on to explain that staff can even follow flexible working hours to accommodate their personal needs.

When an inadequate supply of influenza vaccine several months ago was discovered in Hong Kong, BOC Life instantly arranged free-of-charge vaccinations for all staff in need. Moreover, the company allowed colleagues to bring their kids to the workplace during suspension of classes at all schools in the Territory. A host of recreational activities including soccer, basketball, bowling, hiking and charity events, are regularly arranged for staff and their family members to enhance overall team cohesiveness.

In addition, BOC Life employees can enjoy special mortgage privileges, personal loans and other special banking services. To encourage them to pursue further study, the Company seconds some staff members to attend corporate training and workshops, and provides study leaves for those colleagues who need to prepare for professional examinations.

Increasing Demand for Insurance Practitioners

Remunerations are always regarded as the most effective way to foster better business results. Motivational rewards and awards are offered for staff and teams that achieved superior performance. BOC Life has also devised a business index scheme for frontline sales teams to ensure a balance between business interests and the requirements of regulatory compliance. "Our management and talent pools can help our potential colleagues tailor-make their own advancement paths and assist them in attending professional or leadership training sessions held in mainland China or overseas."

Other staff benefits include an MPF scheme, life and accident insurance, regular free-of-charge health check-ups, plus medical insurance schemes which cover families. The Company also provides annual holidays and various leaves of absence, including birthdays, personal issues, marital, parental and a generous 14-week maternity leave.

Kwok expects the insurance industry to continue undergoing sustainable growth in 2019, together with the emergence of new sales platforms, insurance processes and after-sales services in line with today's InsurTech trend. As a result, BOC Life will seek to increase both frontline and back office personnel to cope with anticipated business expansion. Following the establishment of the Insurance Authority and the rise of InsurTech, the demand for relevant posts will certainly increase as well.
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