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The latest issue of China Executive Education Guide 2022 has been published! This issue obtains the inside track of picking a program with compiled cardinal information of over 40 EMBA, MBA, DBA, and other Master¡¦s programmes in China and Hong Kong for easy comparison. The guide also features sharing of academics and professionals on the keys to sustainable success for executives amidst the ever competitive business environment. You can also enjoy handy reading by downloading the full digital version!


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Unlocking Career Prospects in Hong Kong under the Influence of the Growing Allure of Neighboring Cities

30 Jan 2024

While the pandemic is gradually under control, The HKSAR Government announced new measures to streamline inbound travel control measures for the resumption of normal travel between Hong Kong and the mainland of China as well as the international community, giving a glimmer of hope for economic recovery. However, uncertainties remain in the global market, due to factors like the Russia-Ukraine conflict at a stalemate and the global supply chain restructuring.No matter how the job market evolves, engaging in continuing education and enhancing personal developmental skills are certainly a key to success. In this volume, leaders from human resources and real estate industries are interviewed, sharing their insights in the employment market and new trends in continuing education this year.

"Hong Kong drifters" refer to individuals who have left their hometowns in search of opportunities and have settled down in Hong Kong. In recent years, the Hong Kong government has loosened immigration rules, allowing students from Mainland China to pursue their education in Hong Kong, and work here after their graduation. Young individuals who come to this city to study, live, work, and eventually settle down, take pride in their identity as a ¡§Hong Kong drifter¡¨.

Mr Raymond Zhao, Executive Chairman of ¡§Innovating Hong Kong Global Talent Carnival¡¨ and Founder of Gangpiaoquan Culture Communication Limited, said some people might feel uncomfortable with this label as a ¡§Hong Kong drifter¡¨. ¡§Some of them might undergo a period of uncertainty or confusion, feeling uneasy to immerse themselves in Hong Kong culture. However, history has proven that the ¡§Hong Kong drifters¡¨ have contributed a lot to Hong Kong. Indeed, ¡§Hong Kong drifters¡¨ is a neutral expression to describe this group of contributors.¡¨

Strategically Selecting the Best Opportunities for Academic and Career Success
Having a bachelor degree in engineering, Raymond had thought of pursuing a master's degree in the United States. At last, he had chosen to come to Hong Kong for further education. He explains, ¡§While Hong Kong and the mainland of China share a similar culture, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) ranks among the top universities in the world and it has excellent teaching staff. All these factors made my study life in Hong Kong easier to manage.¡¨ He further pointed out the differences between studying in Mainland China and that in Hong Kong. "In Mainland China, the medium of instruction is Chinese; while in Hong Kong, lectures are primarily conducted in English. In universities in Mainland China, there is a class teacher who takes the lead in student management and classroom affairs, whereas such a role does not exist in Hong Kong universities."

Raymond has already stayed in Hong Kong for sixteen years for studying and working. When he first came to Hong Kong, he faced various challenges due to language and cultural differences. "It was difficult to receive updated information, and it took time to understand and adapt to different cultural aspects." He continued that there are professional standards behind every aspect in Hong Kong, whether it is job-seeking, studying, or accessing to healthcare services. Everything has to be aligned with documented systems and procedures. "Another concern regarded my identity. Having stayed in Hong Kong for the first ten years, I still considered myself as someone from Mainland China living in Hong Kong; but now, I would describe myself as having totally immersed myself in Hong Kong's multiculturalism. Like the Southeast Asians and Westerners who live in Hong Kong, individuals from different backgrounds contribute to making Hong Kong a better place for everybody."

Regardless of Geographical Context, Continuous Learning Remains Essential
Despite having three master's degrees, Raymond plans to further his education." The world is in a constant state of evolution, filled with uncertainties that arise unpredictably. To stay abreast of the rapidly changing world, continuous learning is vital. In the future, I intend to pursue a doctoral degree, specializing in fields that are actively developing, such as big data, finance, or disciplines related to ESG(environment, social and governance)." Drawing from his own experiences, he advises prospective "Hong Kong drifters "------ those considering studying or working in Hong Kong ------ to get prepared for stress and seize opportunities in a timely manner. "Hong Kong is a highly competitive and demanding environment. To thrive in their careers, individuals must discover their core values and align them with the city's development roadmap. "Hong Kong drifters¡¨ are advised to seize opportunities in this metropolitan city, where East meets West, and to cultivate meaningful connections with inspiring individuals who can open doors to diverse opportunities."
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